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I will go after you. I don’t have to time to not look like I’m sweating you. I’m too bold and too blunt not to make my feelings known.

This is me to a degree. Oh, but that’s just too “intense.”

Fuck it.

Nope. Do you girl! You can’t…

I actually like a pretty good portion of the people I know and could see myself with them sexually/romantically/whateves, but generally (good) relationships are founded on a lot of social context ‘n stuff that I don’t always fit into so I find myself mostly trying not to waste anyone’s time, not the least of which is my own.

In a different time and place I could be and have been a lot bolder, but a relationship is more than just what you want, it’s what it is. Speaking from experience relationship founded on things people want but not are have been pretty disastrous in my life so I try and avoid that whenever possible. So, for now, perspective takes precedence over boldness.


Need to go here STAT

Agreed yes.


#wow first of all how do you even touch a bird

Bridie. :3

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The Ghetto Bird - Los Angeles, California

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