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me.Nora Lovely.


Dress is from Your Eyes Lie

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Garage Life

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in russian they dont say “i love you” they say “пожирать плоть капиталистов” which means “we are one and the same” and i think thats beautiful



This for real.

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Democratic thought contains a serious error—it confuses consent with a certain form of consent, which is not the only one and which can easily, like any form, be mere form. […] Our parliamentary democracy was hollow, for we despised the leaders that we chose, we bore a grudge against those we did not choose, and we obeyed all of them willingly. […] Consent is neither to be bought nor sold. Consequently, whatever the political institutions, in a society where monetary transactions dominate most of social life, where almost all obedience is bought and sold, there can be no freedom. […] Enthusiasm is not consent: it is a superficial rapture of a soul. […] That on the whole is the case today, in varying degrees, in all the countries of the white race, and in all those where the influence of the white race has penetrated. […] Freedom is unfortunately not something close at hand for us to recover, a familiar object snatched away by surprise. It is something to be created.

Simone Weil, “Are We Struggling for Justice?” (via weil-weil)